Our History

50 Years And Still Going!

Marianne and Gene Rurka, 40 year members, with Sister Charlotte

Marianne and Gene Rurka, 40-year members, with Sister Charlotte

In 1963, three members of the Somerville Ski Club approached Mother Baird (Mrs. M. Baird at the time) to utilize her home to house and feed the skiers of the Club. The big obstacle was convincing Mother Baird that the skiers were not always rowdy partiers. Over 50 years later, this relationship has grown to a family relationship between Club members and the Baird family. When our club had its 50th Anniversary Dinner, some of the original founding members participated, including George Bruggemeier and Doris Suhr.

Irene and Jim Beatty

Irene and Jim Beatty, 30-year members

Mother Baird has passed on, but her place has been taken by her daughter, Charlotte Fenton. When Mother Baird passed away in 1990, her beloved farm had to be sold and the ski club members lost their home away from home.

After a couple of years, it became apparent that the club had to make a better arrangement than the temporary lodging being used. Sister Charlotte stepped up and offered the upstairs of her home as a replacement. The only problem was that the upstairs was not finished.

George Bruggemeier, the club founder

In the spirit of family, several ski club members worked with Charlotte’s sons, Chris and David, to completely renovate the upstairs, including adding plumbing, electricity, a bathroom, and shower, even finishing an attic into extra bedrooms. Thus the Club was able to make the transition from Mother Baird’s to Sister Charlotte’s.

Bob and Pam Kiser, 40-year members

Sister Charlotte continues the high standard of hospitality typical of the Baird family. Charlotte’s children and grandchildren frequently help at the house, including cooking, serving, maid service, cleaning, and painting. The club and various club members volunteer time and money to help with maintenance and improvements. We all look forward to the family-style dinners and camaraderie that very few ski lodges provide.

Peg and Bill Kiser, met and married while in the club

The club that started as a handful of skiers has developed into a second family for generations of skiers and riders. We are proud to offer outstanding hospitality, family-style dinners, inexpensive lodging, and discount lift tickets to our members and guests.

Hank Kramer

Hank Kramer, a ski instructor who lived at Charlotte’s every winter

Happy Skiing and Riding